DAV Centenary Public School, Reckong Peo
Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh (Affiliated with CBSE New Delhi)
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Keeping in view of the approaching education audit and to compliance with its norms the school record is to be updated beforehand. So from tomorrow onwards all teachers have to report in the school by 8:40 am sharp.

Prayer bring peace and sooths the polluted minds whereas it is noted that most of the staff-members avoid attending on prayer on one pretext or the other. Every staff-member irrespective of their designation mandatorily attend the morningassembly .As for as substitution of teachers is concerned the in-charge for the same will report the school at 8:45 am sharp and adjust the periods as per the absentees. Please keep your mobiles switched off except transport in-charges. Mr. Virender , Raj Kumar &Pawan Negi will manage the children to board the bus properly in a single line from classes to main gate.                                                    

All teachers/staff members are requested to avoid physical punishment to children.  It is an offence and the subject to be punishable under law.
Please note
Children, due to fear are often silent and submit to violence without questioning.
They sometimes show signals of deep hurt in their behavior, Insult, humiliation ,physical and mental injury is the definition of punishment.It is in this context that the ones responsibility in safe-guarding children from punishment lies with the school teachers. Violation to this office order may be awarded with discontinuation of duty or even penalty as per the law.

It is mandatory for the teachers to take initiative in terms of safety and security of the students. Duty officers to note please.
a)    That they are fully responsible for safety and security of the students.
b)    That they have to lunch in their vacant periods.
c)    That they have to observe the children in lunch time carefully.
d)    That their duty starts from 09:00 a.m.  to 03:40 p.m.
e)    That they will leave the school after dispersal of all the students.